House groups

House groups Life is much better when we are connected to other people, and that’s why the Salou Church has set up something we call “ House Groups “. A House Group is made up of a small number of people who meet up once a week to talk, share and study the Bible. Involvement in these groups has various advantages:


• It’s a great way to meet new people.


• It helps us to understand the relationship between the Word of God and our daily lives, whilst allowing us to explore Jesus’ teachings more deeply.


• It encourages us to grow spiritually, personally and professionally.


• It enables us help each other when faced with difficult situations and to celebrate the happy times with others. When you go to a House Group you will find companionship and support, you grow as a person and as a Christian. At these meetings you will feel encouraged and strengthened by people who are trying hard every day to be more like Jesus. We’d love you to join us ! If you would like to get to know or visit a House Group, drop us a line at the following address and we’ll get in touch.

Iglesia Protestante Salou
C/ Pere Galés, 1-2
43840 Salou



Teléfono: 977 35 22 00

Reuniones domingo
10:00h y 11:30h
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