Youth group

Guess what ?  Jesus said some extraordinary things to do with young people, for example, that it is possible to live cheerfully, even though the world around is falling apart, that we have the strength to change things and that however unsure the future seems, there is hope ! But there’s more than that; Jesus said that each one of us was created for a special purpose. Nobody can live your life, you are special, in fact , more than special, the world needs you. Sometimes, as young people, we find it difficult to get our ideas straight, we are assailed by doubt, but who doesn’t feel like that at times?

But one thing we do know is that each person’s life has a purpose, that’s a fact !

Iglesia Protestante Salou
C/ Pere Galés, 1-2
43840 Salou



Teléfono: 977 35 22 00

Reuniones domingo
10:00h y 11:30h
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